Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Nintendo recipes: Fruit freezies!

I was messing around in the kitchen and had a sudden craving for some thing icy, being winter and who would buy ice cream at this time! Since I had no sweet frozen treats in the freezer, I improvised, taking some orange juice and some some ice cubes and threw them the blender. The results were delicious! After sipping from my glass only a few times, my head felt like it was slammed and the head with a giant block of ice, I thought "Geez, my brain feels like the floors in mario bros when a freezie comes out". It was so good, i wanted to share it with my readers so heres a simple recipe for what I have dubbed a "Freezie".

Freezie (serves three)

Tools and Ingredients:
Blender (that works)
Your favorite fruit juice
Ice cubes

Take about 10 ice cubes and an equal amount of juice, and put them in the blender, blend until ice is crushed.
taste and add more juice if needed, texture should be solid enough so that it comes out in gloppy chunks (you'll know when you see it).
According to your taste, you may add yogurt and/or sugar. But be creative, mix juices add cream, apple sauce, etc.

Left pretty much plain, freezies are healthy, it varies with what kind of juice you used.


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