Sunday, March 26, 2006

Can't touch this!

I just got a copy of Tetris DS this this past friday and I have already beaten marathon mode by clearing 200 line and advancing to level 20! Whoo hoo! Oh! for those of you who play on wi-fi look for a player called "VIRTUALGMR" and if you are playing Mario Kart DS you will see my face on my logo, of course it's not my real face, but rather the person you see in the banner, yeah thats me, for those of you who didn't know, but thats pretty sad if you just found that out.

(Oh yeah just because I know alot of Nintendo stuff doesn't mean i'm the best player, im sad to admit, but thats why I'm training hard, so I can beat you so hard you 'll think it's world war III! Rawk on with the rawk hawk![remember him from paper mario and the thousand year door?]

... Hobbes-why do we play war and not peace?
Calvin-too few role models.
Qoute from Calvin and Hobbes, ah Bill Watterson, you genius you.

Ok Im done babbling.


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